Entry #58

Did you know... (FL kiddos)

2017-10-23 15:18:57 by GGMiXsiMusic

...that you can make dubstep with 3xOsc and some effects:


FL Blood Overdrive

FL EQ2 (again)

Maximus (DUH) (untouched)

FL Limiter (untouched)



enjoy nerds


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2017-10-24 18:23:00

Did you know that you can make any type of music with 3xOsc? I came 7th on Dj-Nate FL Contest years ago making synth with only 3xosc.

GGMiXsiMusic responds:

woah, people actually do that?

I guess i'm not very into this website so i don't know what the heck people actually do here.