Entry #56

Some vaporwave?

2017-08-06 13:02:07 by GGMiXsiMusic

So, yeah.

I recently got ínto vaporwave (not that Black Banshee stuff, but something closer to real music.), inspired by elevator music and stuff. Some people also call that subgenre "lo-fi hip hop", but i like sticking with vaporwavy thing.


I have yet to see some vaporwave on Newgrounds, and i did DEEP RESEARCH, so i think i'm ready for making some a e s t h e t i c stuff (i'm not a complete memeboy, and i don't like stealing songs, so forget about those "how to make vaporwave" youtube tutos. that was valid till 2014, and i ain't in that kind of stuff.)


The real question is: Do you guys even WANT vaporwave here?

I haven't been on many threads (on NG) to notice any mentioning of vaporwave, especially hate. So im completely unsure if this is the right step for NG people.


Thanks for reading, and have a great day /good night.


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2017-08-06 13:51:37

Sure, why not some vaporwave?

GGMiXsiMusic responds:

Someone responded :D

I'm actually making it, i don't care what the community thinks.