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Some vaporwave?

2017-08-06 13:02:07 by GGMiXsiMusic

So, yeah.

I recently got ínto vaporwave (not that Black Banshee stuff, but something closer to real music.), inspired by elevator music and stuff. Some people also call that subgenre "lo-fi hip hop", but i like sticking with vaporwavy thing.


I have yet to see some vaporwave on Newgrounds, and i did DEEP RESEARCH, so i think i'm ready for making some a e s t h e t i c stuff (i'm not a complete memeboy, and i don't like stealing songs, so forget about those "how to make vaporwave" youtube tutos. that was valid till 2014, and i ain't in that kind of stuff.)


The real question is: Do you guys even WANT vaporwave here?

I haven't been on many threads (on NG) to notice any mentioning of vaporwave, especially hate. So im completely unsure if this is the right step for NG people.


Thanks for reading, and have a great day /good night.

New 3D render!

2017-07-03 04:52:16 by GGMiXsiMusic

Mirrors, again...


I'm addicted, sorry.

Looks like no NGADM for me.

2017-07-01 08:37:31 by GGMiXsiMusic

Looks like no NGADM for me this year.

I hate my equipment, i hate my potato laptop tablet wtf even is that i don't care, i hate my brain without ideas.


I tried my best.

I have no content that is good, and that is made COMPLETELY by me.

i don't know why do i still try making "music"


Plans for future: Read a few books, watch a few movies, and blend in with the idiots in the whole human population.



New art buisness

2017-06-27 17:42:24 by GGMiXsiMusic

So, i have started posting simple artwork.

So what?

So, wait for me to think of a normal sentence.




From this day (27th of June, 2017), I, Michael (a.k.a. ggmixsimusic/dj neat), will try to teach you the way how to make very simple, yet beautiful Cinema 4D renders without any side-plugins, and with a work time from 5-30 minutes. (it takes 2 hours for me to figure out what to do)


So i'll be posting artwork in 2000x2000 or in 1080p, and all the info of how have i modeled the objects will be in the description of the artwork.

Today i made fractals. Next up, infinite space.

Stay tuned.


2017-06-27 16:14:00 by GGMiXsiMusic

New "Art", check it out.

















sry for wasting your time, kind sir, but clickbait is life.

I'm done.

2017-06-20 15:32:57 by GGMiXsiMusic



2017-05-13 03:31:42 by GGMiXsiMusic

Wow, i'd never expect that making rap lyrics is actually that hard...

welp, i set my goal for the sunday to finish it, soo we're gonna see.

I'm just saying, this is going to be awesome.

Interested in rapping on it? PM me.


2017-05-03 12:15:38 by GGMiXsiMusic


Any singers? pls?

2017-03-08 15:36:42 by GGMiXsiMusic

soo the point is literally in the title

i have no paypal...

no way to get any singers without money.

plus i don't earn ANYTHING from my tracks. i just make them to feel better. they keep me away from not killing myself.